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The Urban Blend

The Urban Shed Blend is a blend of Fairtrade Arabica beans from:

Brazil - Brazil Santos is a medium-light roast that yields a lowly acidic and light-bodied brew. Fruity flavours are carried over into the beans through a natural process, which allows the coffee beans to dry while still inside the fruit. Permeating the air with a pleasant aroma, this Brazilian coffee is one of South America's premium coffees.

Colombia - From the Central Valley of Colombia, these wet-processed, Arabica beans provide a smoothly balanced body with acidic brightness, encompassing your cup with rich coffee flavours that are lightly sweet. With excellent balance, this Colombian coffee offers a clean-tasting cup free of defects.

Costa Rica - Cultivated and wet-processed in the region of Tarrazu, these Caturra varietals are certified SHB (strictly hard bean), which indicates these coffee beans are grown at altitudes above 3,900 feet. Medium-roasted, Costa Rica Reserve beans brew into a light-bodied coffee that is rich in chocolaty-caramel flavours. This coffee produces a cup that is winy with high acidity and a sharp finish.

India - Wet-processed in the region of Mysore, 'Gold Nugget' coffee is a sweet, yet spicy coffee with a rich body and distinct aroma. Superb in balance of sweetness and spice, it has a low acidity but boldness in flavour. India Mysore coffee is light-medium roasted and yields a delicious cup.

After this secret recipe of these 4 origins has been carefully blended and roasted you end with a full bodied smooth sweet flavour with low acidity and a great after taste.

Buy our Beans

The same Urban Blend coffee that we use in our shop is available to buy as beans or ground to your specification:

250g — £4.50
500g— £9.00
1 Kilo — £16.00

Available for wholesale please contact us for details